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Will: Plays the guitar. Volunteers at Bluesfest every year. Favourite Food: Anything with meat.
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Benny: Coin and stamp collecting. Started a petition to ban winter. Favourite Food: Honey.
Pick Benny 1st!

Peggy: Going to Le Nordik to be pampered. Is mostly a vegetarian. Favourite Food: leftovers.
Pick Peggy 1st!

Omar: Drinking coffee. Doesn’t sleep very much. Favourite food: Bridgehead coffee.
Pick Omar 1st!

Marie-Eve: Loves walking everywhere. Speaks French with an English accent, and English with a French accent. Chocolate!
Pick Marie-Eve 1st!

Charles: Enjoys cycling. Favourite show is House of Cards. Favourite Food: Peanuts, sometimes almonds.
Pick Charles 1st!

Bev: Building houses. Doesn't like the dentist. Favourite Food: Beavertails.
Pick Bev 1st!

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